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Managed Network

A focused network of 3,000 franchise and independent suppliers. 

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Procumaint provides a complete network management solution with over 3000 multi marque, franchised and non-franchised Service Maintenance and Repair (SMR) suppliers providing national coverage. All established with pre negotiated labour rates, parts discounts and oil prices.

The key features and benefits of Procumaint are;

  • Comprehensive national network coverage of franchised, non-franchised, independent and mobile suppliers
  • Geographical mapping of customers spend to ensure the network supports the specific requirements of individual customers.
  • The network is developed specifically for each customer so as the terms & locations are bespoke to specific customers.
  • Managed network of over 3000 suppliers – our suppliers are continually monitored and reviewed against specific quality and performance measures.
  • Improved service and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Increased penetration into your preferred network.
  • Increased Revenue stream via commission income.
  • As part of the Procumaint service all supplier negotiations and administrative based activities are managed on the customers behalf. This includes supplier set-up, SLA management, and maintenance of data on third party systems
  • As a Procumaint customers have access to our dedicated support team 24/7/365. Our team will manage all supplier issues, technical support issues and provide assistance with any unusual customer requirements through our technical experience.

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